I found your lipstick today

I put it on
licked my lips
lusting for one more taste

I closed my eyes
wishing for your voice
to whisper why

Then I remembered
you had nothing to say
so I threw that shit away



face of pain

behind a mask of anger
lies a face of pain

you asked me once
to take it off

so I did

when you left

I put it back on

you returned
to tell me it was all ok

I could take it off again
you would wipe away the blood
you would help me forget
you would make the pain…
fade away

you left
you forgot to take the mask with you

I put it back on

and I said
this time…

never again

you can ask me sweetly
you can beg me sickly

and I’ll tell you
the same

all that remains…

behind my mask of anger
is my face of pain



written for…

A love lost and forgiven
but never forgotten

A love which shined so bright
it scarred the night

A love whose blossom wilted
before it had a chance to bloom



I still stumble
in the holes
left behind
where you stood
while in my arms.




The truth came to visit me today.

He stopped in to say
I don’t need you in any way.

From the fires of pain
I will rise and heal.

From the ashes of sadness
I will build a castle of fortune.

Don’t knock.
Don’t ring.

My riches come from your absence.
My happiness comes from your leave.

I am free of the dirty web you weave.

Excuse my smile as I walk away.
I said goodbye to your sadness today.


heart key

You unlocked my heart
with your smile.

If I would have known
it was only to last a little while,

I would have surrounded my heart
with barbed wire.

You were my fire.
You were my flame.

You were the one I thought
could never cause me shame.

I wish, I wish
for no more pain.

I wish, I wish
to feel your touch again.

I wish, I wish
I could think about you
with a smile instead of tears.

Every memory…
Every memory…
Every memory…

My devotion
was rewarded with your deceit.

My commitment
was abused by your convenience.

My head
was used for your advantage.

My love
was taken for granted.

Give me back my key
so I can lock my heart for good this time.


lies in your eyes

The lies began
in your eyes.

You looked away
so your eyes wouldn’t betray,
but the lies slid down
to choke your throat.

Some you swallowed.
Some you spit out.

When the lies became too much to swallow,
you threw up the truth.

Then the shame shine
in your eyes.

The fear of what you are
mixed with the bile of what you knew
you would never be.

Your lies were no longer a surprise.
Your ignorance was never bliss.

Your thoughtlessness always stung,
but your betrayal was the biggest bite.

I’m the one who put up the fight.
You never knew what was right.


stupid is…

Stop nodding your head.
You don’t fucking understand.
You don’t fucking realize.

Stop saying you know.
You don’t fucking know.
You don’t fucking agree.

I explain.
I explain.
I explain.

I never called you stupid,
but stupid is as stupid does,
and you did more stupid
than I can explain.

You said stupid.
You bred stupid.
You lived stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does,
and that’s what it was.

You were stupid is,
and I was stupid does.

Together, you made me…
stupid is as stupid does.


the noose

Who knew
your smile
would be your biggest lie.

Who knew
the wink of your eye
would be the devil’s signal
to run away.

You knew
your touch
came with deceit.

I should have known
you’d rather fuck a lie
than feel the truth.

Who knew
you pretend to be yourself.

Who knew
your circle of friends and family
was a noose.

You knew
how sick your circle was.

I should have known
the noose was being tightened…
by you.

I escaped that noose,
didn’t I?

You’re still caught in it,
aren’t you?

You prefer the noose,
don’t you?

The noose will catch you when you fall
and comfort you
within it’s

My neck is scarred.
My hands are burned.
My soul is stretched.

I should have known
even love and truth
couldn’t undo your noose.

I should have known…


leave love

Why do you stay?
Why do you linger?

The person you came with
left long ago.

It’s just me now.
I want you to go.

leave love
love leave me alone

You’re an unwanted guest.
You’re an unwelcome friend.

You like this.

You would keep eating my soul
as I serve it to you.

You would keep drinking my blood
as I pour it for you.

Stay here to weep.
Stay here to crumble.

I will stumble
before death.

I will humble
before hope.

I will leave love.